Aston Martin DBX: this is its luxurious interior … and its price


Aston Martin is already working on the launch of the first SUV in its history, the Aston Martin DBX. Its production will begin, as the brand has confirmed, in 2020.

Aston Martin is revealing the secrets of his first SUV with droppers. First its performance on the snow, then the performance of its engine, then the catalog of luxury accessories … now is the time to know how is the luxurious interior of the Aston Martin DBX .

It has also given and at the prices that this formidable SUV will have in Europe. In Germany, the price from which the Aston Martin DBX will depart is 193,500 euros .

For this price one has access to one of the most exclusive cars on the market and to an interior that, as you can see in This image, does not admit criticism in materials and finishes, following the tradition of the British brand.

On November 20 we will be able to know, finally, all that this superlative car has to offer, which makes its world debut.

 The interior of the Aston Martin DBX is luxurious and sporty as always in the brand, but now, in addition, spacious and bright.

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That an Aston Martin has the highest quality materials, that leather or noble woods cover everything, that the seats conform to the body like a glove … all that is expected. What is no longer normal is that, in addition to all these qualities, is also amplitude and luminosity .

Thanks to its SUV format and size, the DBX is like all Aston Martin , but more spacious and complete.

After mythical brands of supercars like Porsche and Lamborghini already succumbed to the (perhaps for them forced) production of SUVs, Aston Martin has been the last to join that decision. Fashion rules and the automotive industry is still a business. Therefore, the British brand is already in the testing phase of the first SUV in its history, Aston Martin DBX .

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To ensure that at the time of its launch – far away – this model has all the guarantees that are assumed in a manufacturer of such caliber, the engineers analyzed their behavior about four months ago on the complicated gravel surfaces where the Wales Rally is held. There they could verify, as we see in the photos, that the DBX is a worthy offroader . After overcoming these trials he has traveled to Sweden to continue his development in the Arctic Circle and it will not be uncommon to see him soon roll through the scorching deserts of the Middle East, the transalpine passages and the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

The Aston Martin DBX will arrive in 2020

The Aston Martin DBX prototype is scheduled to be released in the last quarter of 2019 . However, it will not enter the assembly line until next year. Its construction will be carried out at the plant of Saint Athan (Wales) and, although there is still no official data regarding its mechanics, it is expected that it will be up to the Sant'Agata Bolognese product in terms of performance.

The chief engineer of the brand, Matt Becker, has confirmed that they have already tuned the DBX in the driving simulator, which has allowed them to make great progress in the advancement of the first prototypes. “Still, it's always a great day when we manage to travel the first real miles in such a recent prototype. I am delighted with the almost perfect correlation between the simulator and this car. As an engineer, it is really exciting to get a feeling like that in the car you are working on. This DBX is a very different model from Aston Martin, but it will be tested in all conditions and on all terrains to ensure that offers a driving experience worthy of the badge of the wings ”says Becker .

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