Car owners are driving more fuel in the winter than in the summer because of these reasons…..

A few days ago, the solar term has passed, and many of the north has begun to snow, and some southern countries have suddenly entered the winter. When winter arrives, there will be a lot of car owners who will have a question. What do you think is driving in the winter seems to be more oil than in the summer? Is it because of the problem with your driving style? Then the real reason is Here, let’s talk to you about the winter fuel costs.

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The long-time hot car will increase fuel consumption.

We know that most car owners will have the habit of getting hot cars before driving. This habit will not be any season, and then the time of hot car will become longer in winter. First of all, we have to say that it is a good habit to drive a hot car first, but a long hot car is not necessary. When the car is cold-started, the fan is in a stopped state, and the throttle valve is also in a closed state. At this time, the engine coolant is only slightly circulated in the engine water jacket, and it is not easy to dissipate heat. At the same time, the computer is affected by the temperature index of the sensor, and the engine is increased. Fuel injection increases the opening command of the idle valve, improves the engine speed, and helps the engine to heat up quickly, so if the owner is a long-time hot car is the primary factor to increase fuel consumption.

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Since we know that a long-time hot car will increase fuel consumption, then how should the owners do the right car for the car? First, the car owner will drive on the road after half a minute to 1 minute in the original hot car. Remember to control the speed of the car, do not exceed 50km / h, gently shift gears to stabilize the fuel, this is the most standard and correct hot car method. Energy saving, environmental protection, and less carbon.

Winter heating is also costly.

We know that the long-term hot car will cost oil. In winter, the car owners will definitely drive the warm air. The warm air will also cost oil. The principle of heating the air is to use the coolant temperature of the engine to heat the engine and release the engine itself through the blower. The heat is blown into the compartment. We know that car engines need to be maintained at a normal temperature during operation, which is about 80 ° C -90 ° C. Winter engines require insulation rather than heat dissipation. Because of the influence of flowing air, the temperature of the car engine is not easy to maintain at around 80 °C, especially when the weather is particularly cold, plus the warm air is turned on. In order to maintain the temperature of the body, the engine will increase the amount of fuel injected, thus increasing the amount of fuel injected. Fuel consumption.

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Summary: In winter, the owner of the car will increase fuel consumption for a long time, and the heating wind will also consume fuel consumption. In addition, the battery performance will also reduce the fuel consumption of the car owner. However, the factors that cause high fuel consumption in the car can be more than these. For example, the temperature in winter is low, and the owner uses the matching oil model. The viscosity of the oil in the initial stage of the car will still thicken, so the engine will consume more oil. Therefore, the increase in the amount of oil is not only caused by which component, but it is definitely combined to cause an increase in the total fuel consumption of the car.

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