Detecting Yue’s sings and both, the FAW-Volkswagen SUV has a strong growth

According to the latest car sales data released by the Association, FAW-Volkswagen has accumulated 1,224,450 vehicles in January-August this year, including Volkswagen’s cumulative sales of 835,595 vehicles from January to August, ranking first in passenger car sales, with the strength to interpret the “strong” The market law of Hengqiang. Among them, the SUV camp consisting of Tango and Tangyue launched a fierce product offensive and demonstrated strong market competitiveness, becoming one of the powerful engines driving the FAW-Volkswagen brand against the trend.
    For this year’s market, Dong Xiuhui, deputy general manager of FAW-Volkswagen Automotive Co., Ltd. and general manager of FAW-Volkswagen Sales Co., Ltd., gave this judgment. “Difficulties do exist, but FAW-Volkswagen is confident that it can complete the transformation and upgrading as soon as possible. Cracking this series of problems.”
    Exploring Yue added two new models to help out
    2018. It is a very important time node for FAW-Volkswagen. First, the launch of the songs at the end of July, the end of FAW-Volkswagen has no SUV for a long time. In the history of the model, in October, it was ushered in the listing of the “Dewei” SUV product, which is known as the most understandable Chinese consumer.
    The arrival of the songs and the exploration of the Yue, the FAW-Volkswagen brand market coverage increased to 70%. With the strong product strength of the two SUVs recognized by the market, the exploration of Yue and the songs showed a strong growth momentum in 2019. In June this year, under the “Yuesheng Plan”, the sales volume of the Discovery Terminal reached 12,282 units, an increase of 33% from the previous month. Although the exploration of Yue is still in the period of capacity climbing, and encounters a rare winter in the automobile market, the sales volume continues to grow, and it is among the “10,000 clubs”, which has injected a strong positive force into the high-end medium-sized SUV market. According to the latest data from the Association, the retail sales of Discovery in August reached 16,783 units, an increase of 15.8% from the previous month. As of August, its cumulative sales in the past 10 months have reached 102,952 units, with an average monthly sales of more than 10,000, becoming the “ice-breaking” edge of the Volkswagen brand facing the cold winter of the automobile market.
    In the face of new changes in the market segment, in May of this year, FAW-Volkswagen launched the 1.4T journey version of the Discovery Yue, which further expanded the product matrix of the Discovery Family. The new car meets the national six emission standards and offers two models of 280TSI comfort and 280TSI luxury. The models are priced at 185,900 yuan and 209,900 yuan respectively, which laid a solid foundation for the subsequent expansion of the SUV market.
    Just as exploring Yue means “exploring truth, looking at Sichuan and watching Yue”, the exploration of the 1.4T journey version is also in line with this meaning. FAW-Volkswagen gives it strong cross-country genes and multi-faceted leading product strength, hope it can Join hands with the new city of the new middle class to embark on a new journey, and open up new horizons in life through constant exploration and challenges.
    In terms of power, the Yueyue 1.4T journey version is equipped with a gold powertrain – the EA211 turbocharged engine and the DQ381 seven-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox, which provide sufficient power and maintain low fuel consumption. Among them, DQ381 is a new generation of Volkswagen brand gearbox, optimized to meet the national six emission standards.
    In terms of configuration, the Yueyue 1.4T journey version brings a higher sense of value to users. In addition to LED with lens headlights, there are also 18-inch large wheels, roof racks, 12-way electric adjustable seats (with lumbar support), front and rear 18cm adjustable and angle adjustable rear seats, electric folding A series of humanized comfort equipments such as exterior mirrors (automatic folding with reverse reversing & lock auto folding function) and three-zone constant temperature automatic air conditioning.
    In terms of safety, the Yueyue 1.4T journey version has 87% high-strength steel proportional body, 7 airbags, Front Assist pre-crash safety system (including CEB city emergency brake) and the whole car seat belt is not reminded, etc. Safety equipment will provide users with intimate security protection.
    Not long ago, FAW-Volkswagen announced that it has added two luxury Plus models to the Discovery Family, priced at RMB 23.04-24.54 million. The listing of the Discovery Deluxe Deluxe Edition is based on the existing 330TSI luxury model. Configuration level: full LCD digital instrument, center console 8-inch touch screen, steering wheel heating, front seat heating, reversing image, automatic anti-glare interior rearview mirror, automatic headlights, smart wiper, front windshield washer fluid nozzle heating Wait. In terms of power, the two new Deluxe Plus models of Discovery are all powered by the 330TSI, which is a 2.0TSI low-power model with a maximum power of 147 kW and a maximum torque of 320 Nm. It is matched with a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission and has a predecessor. A four-wheel drive version is available.
    As a new generation of German high-end medium-sized SUV, the Discovery brand inherits the pure German mass system. Whether it is the pioneer’s design shape, advanced powertrain, or cutting-edge technology configuration, intimate safety protection, it has won many new cities. The favor of middle-class people.
    The annual sales of 100,000 vehicles for the songs, R-Line models listed
    for the new generation of young consumers to create a pure German hardcore SUV, accompanying young people to see the bigger world, is the heart and mission of the songs. On July 30 last year, FAW-Volkswagen’s first SUV song was launched in Shenzhen. FAW-Volkswagen brought the successful experience of the car to the SUV field and gave it a younger personality.
    The songs changed the traditional SUV design style of the popular brand, and adopted a new design language and a fashion color contrast scheme to make consumers shine. In addition to design style changes, based on the mature and advanced MBQ A1 platform to create a song, whether it is five-star security, or “net space”, or technology configuration and powerful four-wheel drive performance, in the products of this market segment It is rare to see the determination of the song to redefine the market segment and the sincerity of providing consumers with a boutique SUV.
    In this context, the sales volume of the songs in the month of the listing exceeded 3,000 units, and then climbed rapidly and remained at the monthly sales level of 10,000 units. In one year, the songs were handed over to the annual sales volume of 100,150 vehicles, and they were peered with over 100,000 young consumers. From the ground up, they established FAW-Volkswagen’s position in the compact SUV market segment and ranked among the top in the industry. It also adds an irreplaceable bright color to the cold winter of the car market. It is also remarkable in the SUV market with fierce competition. The strength and reputation of the songs have withstood the cruel test of the market and won more and more consumers. Recognition and trust.
    In August of this year, the R-Line was officially launched. The new car includes 230TSI R-Line, 280TSI R-Line and 280TSI R-Line Pro. The market price is 158,800 yuan, 163,800 yuan and 176,800 yuan respectively.
    The R-Line has adopted the design concept of “Study Aesthetics”. The proportion of the vehicle is coordinated and the lines are smooth. In addition, the design elements of the T-ROC R high-performance car are fully captured, and the exclusive R-Line movement is added. The suite, while demonstrating the personality, continues to write the glory of the popular “R” family. The arrival of R-Line, with its own unique sports style, shows the trend, reshapes the personality, and injects a richer content into the song brand
    . It is reported that this is the first time that FAW-Volkswagen has launched three R-Lines for a single brand. The model, R-Line will also be combined with the songs to form a differentiated market layout with the characteristics of technical homology and complementary styles, providing more personalized and diversified car selection options for young consumers.
    Advanced manufacturing technology gives superior quality
    FAW-Volkswagen has the most advanced all-digital visual smart factory, with four complete processes of modern automobile manufacturing, integrating the world’s leading high-tech automobile manufacturing, and the degree of automatic intelligence is second to none in the industry. Demanding production standards As always, advanced production equipment gives them excellent product quality.
    In order to exert its “SUV strategy”, FAW-Volkswagen puts high standards on the construction standards of the Tianjin plant. The digital visualization system is used in the production process to ensure overall stability, while the flexible production line can further enhance the technical advantages.
    In the factory covering an area of ​​1,108,900 square meters, five workshops of stamping, welding, painting, final assembly and logistics are set up to ensure the steady operation of the whole production process, and at the same time guarantee the quality of the products.
    In the process of stamping parts, FAW-Volkswagen is mostly manufactured by a 6-step stamping process. Compared with other brand 4 or 5 sequence stamping processes, the 6-sequence stamping process can ensure more complete part forming and stronger part rigidity, thus meeting the needs of more complex parts production. There are 8100 tons of fully automatic servo press steel and aluminum mixing production line in the workshop, and 6 servo control presses provide a single working pressure of up to 2100 tons. The large tonnage, high speed, stable and closed automatic press line ensures that the steel plate is fully formed, the size and surface are accurate, and the parts are stable in the process of pressing into the outer surface parts of the automobile.
    There are currently 1,140 robots in the welding shop. Through these robots, automatic spot welding, automatic stud welding, automatic gluing, automatic punching and riveting, on-line measurement, etc. are realized, which greatly ensures the stability of the body precision and strength.
    FAW-Volkswagen’s painting workshop is the highest in domestic automation, with an overall automation rate of over 75%. A higher automation rate means more stable product output. Taking the FAD fine sealing robot as an example, the door sealing glue is replaced by a robot, the sealing performance is better, the appearance of the rubber strip is more uniform and more beautiful; the FAD is automatically glued, and the FAW Volkswagen calls it “dance on the steel wire” because FAD The precision of the fine sealing robot is <0.1mm, which is the thickness of a hair. This is extremely demanding on the size of the body. At present, only a small number of luxury car brands have reached this level.
    There are 195 similar electric tightening equipment on the assembly shop site. The total number of tightening equipment is more than twice the industry average, ensuring 100% coverage of all key tightening points. The intelligent tightening management system can be adapted to meet the mixed line production of multiple models, realize equipment status monitoring, fault alarm, data analysis and storage, real-time update of tightening status, and automatic generation of quality reports.
    It is reported that the overall automation rate of the FAW-Volkswagen Tianjin plant is as high as 79%, especially in terms of precision manufacturing, flexible production, production efficiency and precision.
    Will achieve full coverage of the SUV market segment
    In April of this year, FAW-Volkswagen’s two heavy-duty SUV concept cars completed the world’s first show on the Volkswagen brand SUV Night.
    B SMV is a flagship SUV of FAW-Volkswagen. It is positioned in the high-end medium and large SUV market segment. It is derived from Volkswagen’s advanced MQB-B platform. The 5.1-meter length and the wheelbase of nearly 3 meters make it a mass-market size. The biggest SUV is shouldering the strategic responsibility of FAW-Volkswagen brand.
    Coupe SUV is the first high-end mid-size SUV of FAW-Volkswagen. It adopts a new SUV design language, which combines the dynamic flow line of the coupe with the off-road performance of the SUV. It presents a charming sports aesthetic and helps the brand rejuvenate. .
    In addition, FAW-Volkswagen’s other small SUV based on the European T-Cross design will be launched in the year. With the successive placement of the songs, the exploration of the Yue and the three new SUVs, the FAW-Volkswagen Volkswagen brand will be realized. From the small, compact, medium to medium-sized SUV segment of the full coverage, fully meet the needs of Chinese consumers for diversified vehicles.

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