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We attended the international presentation of the new Skoda Kamiq and these are our first impressions of the Skoda model that will have to fight in one of the most competitive segments currently. Is it better than his cousin the Arona ?. Let's see it.

Skoda expands its catalog with the launch of a new model that is already available through its website and can be configured and placed in the Spanish dealer network, although the first units will not arrive until the end of month This is the new Skoda Kamiq that we have been able to prove in his debut for the international press and that has left us with an excellent first impression.

The new Skoda Kamiq could be defined as the SUV version of the Skoda Scala with which it shares platform, mechanics and technology. With more than 4.2 meters in length and 2.65 m of wheelbase, the Skoda Kamiq is the largest of the SUVs in segment B, consisting of models such as the Seat Arona, Ford Ecosport, Kia Stonic, VW T -Cross … which is where Skoda wants me to compete, although it is fair to recognize that, because of its size, it is almost at the level of a Seat León or an Ateca.

The most interesting points seen in this first test of Skoda Kamiq are:

Your good price / product ratio
Its spacious interior
Its good roll
Equipment and technology, thanks to its latest batch model, especially in multimedia, connectivity and advanced driving assistants.

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Is the Skoda Kamiq better than its rivals?

The SUV B segment is the second most sold car in Spain and continues to grow , so that soon it is likely to be the one that has more weight in the market. In the last two years new models do not stop coming out and, what was born as a market niche with one or two alternatives, today it has about twenty models fighting for its piece of cake.

Waiting to try the new Peugeot 2008 (from which I can frequently see test units in the surroundings of the Vigo factory and which at first glance looks like it will be a real bombshell), the Skoda Kamiq is one of the best . It is the most spacious of them all, its price is competitive, its dynamic behavior infinitely better than that of the Seat Arona and, in addition, being a newcomer, has connectivity elements that are typical of segment cars superiors such as the possibility of being able to unlock it through the mobile, locate where we have it parked, check the fuel level from the mobile at home, etc.

We are already looking forward to trying it thoroughly, but this first impression is not It could have been better.

Our assessment: 7.0


Price / product ratio

Simply clever solutions



Upholstered back doors

Diesel engine loudness inside

For USB-C connectors only

See data sheet and equipment

Design: Common identity

 The design of the Kamiq is well resolved and differentiated from its VW and Seat cousins.

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The design of the Kamiq does not risk its shapes and maintains the typical air of Skoda's family, with a very resounding front with large headlights (by the way, it can equip sequential turn signals front and rear in almost the entire range) and a generous and elegant grill framed by a chrome edge.

In the side view it is clearly seen that is not a small SUV and that it is long, especially the wheelbase, even greater than that of the Nissan Qashqai.

In the rear, the led optical groups and the new way of announcing which car it is, by removing the logo of Skoda and putting the name written to in good size letters on the gate. We have already seen this detail in the Scala and it will soon be like this in all Skoda models, which will gradually renew their image.

The finishes and adjustments are very good and the size of the doors allows convenient access to all the seats and the trunk, which can be equipped with automatic opening gate.

The range of the new Skoda Kamiq is stratified into 4 different levels of finish:

Active : the basic level, although in it the equipment is generous enough for us not to miss anything
Ambition : the intermediate level, which is expected to account for 50% of sales
Style : the highest level of equipment, with a more targeted approach to elegance and comfort
Sport : exclusive to the Spanish market, this finish puts the emphasis on the aesthetic section, with a more sporty and striking touch, but at the same price as the Style.

Later on, the finish Monte-Carlo, will come to the market, which will give one more twist to the most dynamic and sporty section of the model and that we can see in images at the next Frankfurt Motor Show. [19659023] Interior: Practical solutions

 The interior of the Kamiq follows the Skoda design line.

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Inside , although I have come across the annoying detail that the rear door panels are of much worse quality than the front (a spreading that is becoming widespread in almost all brands), the impression is also very positive. The finishes are very good, the design attractive and with very striking details such as the Virtual Cockpit instrumentation already available from the most basic models.

However, the most striking is how spacious this car is, in which people can travel Tall size without tightness, which can not be said of any of its direct rivals.

The driving position is good, the controls are at hand and the design of what we see is attractive, with elements that surprise by its quality as the touch screen of the multimedia system, covered with a layer that avoids the anti-aesthetic marks of our fingers and whose response is fast and the image clear.

Another interesting point inside the Kamiq is in its practical details, the "Simply Clever" solutions that are already a tradition in Skoda and that allow, for example: to have a hidden umbrella on the driver's door panel, hooks of which c snatch bags in the trunk, the scraper to remove the ice from the windshield and measure the depth of the drawing of the tires on the fuel cap, the retractable tow ball, the rechargeable portable flashlight in the trunk … in Finally, simple things that make you much more comfortable every day in this Skoda.

The trunk has a good capacity and very cubic and usable shapes. There are also practical details in it such as the hair net under the rear tray or the access with automatic gate, but the most striking are its 400 liters, which can be expanded to 1,390 if we lower the backrests.

Engine: A known range

 The mechanics of the Kamiq are known.

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The range of motorizations of the Skoda Kamiq since its launch is very reasonable and known, by sharing engines with other models of Skoda and the Volkswagen group.

Awaiting the arrival of future mechanics, the current range of Skoda Kamiq has the following mechanics always with front axle traction:

Skoda Kamiq 1.0 TSi 95 hp gasoline with manual transmission
Skoda Kamiq 1.0 TSi 115 hp gasoline with manual transmission
Skoda Kamiq 1.0 TSi 115 hp gasoline with automatic DSG transmission
Skoda Kamiq 1.5 TSi 150 hp gasoline with manual transmission
Skoda Kamiq 1.5 TSi 150 hp gasoline with automatic DSG gearbox
Skoda Kamiq 1.6 TDi diesel 115 hp with manual transmission
Skoda Kamiq 1.0 TGi petrol and natural gas (CNG) 90 hp with manual transmission

Of all these mechanics, in this contact I had the opportunity to test the option of the 115 hp diesel engine with the 6-speed manual transmission. His response is blunt and moves the Kamiq with joy, although it would not be bad if in Skoda they took a little more effort to isolate it acoustically so that it does not sound so much in the cabin and improve travel comfort.

Depending on the level of finish, The Kamiq has the Drive Mode Select that modifies parameters such as the hardness of the steering, the sensitivity of the accelerator pedal or the response of the automatic transmission to improve the consumption or performance. In addition, as an option you can order the Sport suspension that also modifies the hardness of the shock absorbers.

Behavior: A quality ride

 The Kamiq is easy to drive and only the rear axle rebounds subtract comfort.

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In this contact I was able to drive the Skoda Kamiq in Sport finish with the 115 hp diesel engine and the truth is that I had a pleasant surprise. Taking into account the reactions of other models that use this same MQB-A0 platform, I expected the Kamiq to be much more uncomfortable and with a very bounced rear axle. Nor did he trust at all to stretch this platform to the maximum instead of using the MQB for a car of this size (it measures almost the same as a Seat Leon), but the truth is that has a very nice ride, with a Very noble and very comfortable response .

The suspensions are smooth and very comfortable, but without bothering to have excessive balancing. The management has a good level of assistance and rotates quite a bit and just 2.5 laps of steering wheel between stops. This makes maneuvering in the city very easy. In reviradas zones it is a very noble car. The brakes have good touch and enough mordant and the rear axle works somewhat better than in other models with this platform. Everything happens progressively and without parasitic reactions.

I was struck by how well filtered the rolling is without noise or vibration coming from the suspension when we roll on uneven pavement or cracked asphalt.

The Skoda Kamiq has a wheel more typical of a car of a higher segment, with safe reactions at all times and, above all, well insulated, except for the noise of diesel mechanics, which is clearly heard in the cabin.

Equipment: The advantage of being the last

 The equipment of the Kamiq is complete and modern.

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This is one of the sections in which the Kamiq shines most and in which it is most noted that it is a last generation model. This Skoda has elements of cars of higher categories, especially in multimedia and connectivity matters.

To ensure that it reaches 5 EuroNCAP stars the Kamiq offers as standard from the basic finish the assistant of lane maintenance or front-end collision alert with emergency braking. This is standard, but you can also mount as an option the adaptive cruise control, the road light assistant that automatically switches from long lights to crossroads when detecting traffic in front, blind spot alert, parking assistant, etc. [19659005] Dual zone climate control, multimedia system with touch screen and from the basic level (although the larger one is reserved for the highest with the Admunsen navigation system), hands-free … but what stands out most is in the section multimedia and connectivity, where benefits from mounting the most advanced system of the Volkswagen group so that its owners can enjoy features that until now were reserved for higher models.

Of course, it has Apple Car Play and Android Auto, but the interaction with the smartphone does not stop there, from which we can also consult the autonomy, export a route to the navigated or, lock and unlock the car to give access to another person, verify the location of the vehicle … all this is possible because the car has its own SIM card that allows sending and receiving data and whose annual quota is 60 euros (except for the first year "free" when accounted for in the purchase of the vehicle).

Among the functions of the infotainment system is the virtual store where we can acquire some features punctually, such as online music, for example.

In short, the Kamiq also stands out from its competition with a very complete level of equipment from the level of access to the range and an interesting technological commitment.




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