Kia Futuron Concept 2019: SUV, electric and coupe


Kia is being the center of attention in the CIIE (China International Import Expo) with this concept called Kia Futuron, a kind of fully electric SUV Coupé in which the design and some solutions are the most avant-garde

The name chosen for Kia Futuron already gives us a clue about his intentions (future-on) and the truth is that, despite its spectacular design, something like that is not excessively far fetched. This is a coupé-like SUV, which is something that is already in fashion, and 100% electric, which is also nothing new.

Kia has not revealed too many technical details about whether, for example, it has an engine in each wheel or simply one per axle, but we do know that it is four-wheel drive and that these are located in the corners of the car, with formidable wide tracks and wheelbase.

Specifically, the Kia Futuron measures 4.85 meters long with a battle of 3 meters and a height of 1.55 meters. In addition to its sharp 2-door fusiform body, this concept of Kia has very striking details such as the "tiger nose" of Kia (this is what the brand calls the shape of its front calender) illuminated. The reason is that in an electric car a front grill is not necessary since there is nothing to cool behind it and, with this way of representing it visually with light, they have managed to maintain that hallmark.

The electric future of Kia in the Futuron

 The cabin is diaphanous and very bright.

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Electric cars allow greater freedom of design To the creators. This is because the batteries and electric motors are very compact and, in addition, they can be located in different ways and shapes. Thus, the Kia Futuron offers a very spacious cabin very clean and also bright thanks to the large glazed dome.

This concept is a showcase of technology and the intentions of Evolution of Kia products in the medium term future, in which design and new technologies with virtually zero emissions will be the keys to its offensive.

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