The Secret of 2019 BMW X5

I am an absolute loyal fan of BMW X5 (hereafter referred to as X5), but as a fan, I still have a somewhat unacceptable design style for BMW interiors. Every time I recommend BMW models to others, my premise The conditions are “not very demanding on the interior”, but once BMW plays fine, I have almost no reason to reject a BMW, not to mention an BMW X5.

When I first heard about the new generation of X5, I was full of expectations, especially the appearance and interior. After all, I was completely worried about his dynamic performance. When it comes out, I have to say that the changes in the appearance and interior of the new generation of X5 really give me a big surprise.

The appearance change is quite obvious. First, the size of the two “nostrils” on the front face is one size larger. Since this is a model of the M suit, the black bump of the front bumper is also more sporty, and the hood is on the hood. The raised lines are also very powerful.

Even the muscle line on the side reminds you all the time – “I am a stock.” The length, width and height are: 4930mm, 2004mm, 1776mm, and the wheelbase: 2975mm, which is slightly larger than the previous generation.

The shape change of the tail is more obvious. Compared with the previous generation, it gives me the feeling of being more round and fashionable. It seems like a sudden change from an administrative suit to a trendy dress.

The xDrive40i M sports kit is equipped with 20-inch wheels, front 275/45, rear 305/40, plus LED laser headlights, details and momentum can not be lost.

Compared to the change in appearance, the X5 is more obvious than the previous generation. BMW’s interior has always been criticized, whether it is visual or touch is inferior to other brands of the same level of competing products, and the new generation of X5 can finally give me a luxurious atmosphere, a luxury medium and large SUV There is a sense of luxury. The overall design is still relatively traditional, it is not as exaggerated as Audi is all kinds of LCD electronic products.

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The entire center console level is clearly divided and it is very easy to get started. A large area of ​​leather wrapping is used on the center console.

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The place that makes you feel the most luxurious, of course, is that you often come into contact with the car: the metal door handle and the surrounding leather wrap are very delicate; the metal trim strip and the air volume adjusting roller appear in the air outlet area. Reflecting the exquisite sense that BMW has begun to pay attention to details.

The area that I like the most in the interior is still the one. The crystal file is much more refined than the previous “big chicken legs”. The rotating feel of the multimedia knob is also very good, and this generation X5 The start button is also integrated in this area, but the feel of the start button button feedback is not as good as expected.

2019 BMW X5 Dashboard Screen Protector
2019 BMW X5 Screen Protector

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The steering wheel of the M kit, the best part of the car, no one, this thick hand is simply addictive.
LCD panel and 12.3-inch touch screen technology, IDrive7.0 system supports voice control and gesture control.

The seat is very comfortable to sit on, the package is also very good, equipped with heating function, but there is no seat ventilation (optional), the ventilation function is only equipped with the top.
In general, the changes in the interior of this generation of X5 are relatively successful, but compared to the Mercedes-Benz Lexus in the luxury of the creation and details of it still has a certain gap, but I believe that BMW owners have a focus on their focus It is the dynamic driving part.

As a fan of BMW X5, of course, I pay more attention to its dynamic part. Control and driving are the core focus of BMW.

Let’s talk about the powertrain: This X5 xDrive40i is equipped with a 3.0L inline six-cylinder turbocharged engine codenamed B58TU. The maximum horsepower is 340 horsepower and the maximum torque is 450 Nm. As a luxury medium and large SUV, the six-cylinder pair X5 is a must, and does not say the power gap, even if the perfect four-cylinder engine, the texture can not be compared with the six cylinders, the gearbox is from the ZF 8AT, is still the perfect golden partner, matching tacit understanding Doubt.

Like most other BMW family products, the X5 is no longer blindly pursuing sports, adding more comfort to the sport, which is a compromise based on market demand. Of course, this change is also very good. After all, most of the consumers are driving it for most of the time, but this does not prevent the X5 from becoming an excellent sports car because it still retains many BMWs. The essence.

When I pressed the X5’s start button, the start of the exhaust sound and the roar of the engine instantly increased my excitement. Holding the steering wheel of the M kit, I couldn’t wait to take it to the road.
As a normal X5, the power parameters are normal. In COMFORT mode, it is gentle and quiet. At this time, the accelerator pedal is brought down, and the light steering feel is given. When you are tired, it gives you the most comfortable environment to release the pressure accumulated in one day. If it is equipped with an air suspension, it will be More comfortable, this may be a behemoth to give you a sense of security.

I write so much about comfort performance, someone might start to argue me: “You talk to me about the comfort of BMW. Are you kidding me?” Right, I shouldn’t spend too much energy on 7 Series is good at evaluating an X5, and SPORT is his essence. Directly adjust the mode to SPORT, step on the foot of the throttle, the gearbox immediately reacts, the speed is almost 5000 rpm, the strong push back and the thick exhaust sound make the adrenaline suddenly increase, this two-ton multi-person The official data given by the 100-kilometer acceleration time is 5.5 seconds. In SPORT mode, the steering wheel will turn to sink, the pointing is still very accurate and very BMW, and the feel is just right. The intensely driven X5 is like a flexible fat man. The gearbox and steering wheel always give the driver the most accurate feedback. Everything can always be just right. It proves to you all the time: I am a fake BMW, the chassis Tune up is never disappointing. If it weren’t for this high sitting position and wide field of vision, I even suspected that I was driving a sports car.

I will not elaborate on the configuration, because most of the daily configuration of this level of car has, but this very practical keyless entry function in addition to the top, other models need to be optional, no way, German luxury brands are Love to play this set.

Do you ask me 2019 BMW X5 popular? Of course it is fragrant and very fragrant. Mercedes-Benz GLE, but X5 2019 xDrive40i M sports suit 7.599 million official guide price, can buy an inline six-cylinder version, and this price GLE can only buy 2.0T four-cylinder version; Audi Q7, What? Now Q7, which looks like a salesman, can also be called Q7? Volvo XC90, the whole system is only available in four cylinders. So if you have a car purchase budget of around 850,000, like SUV, and like sports, then choose it. If you are not fragrant, you can beat me.

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