Where is the position of the BMW 1 Series air filter, how to replace it?

The BMW 1 Series replacement air filter is relatively simple. After opening the bonnet first, you can see the air filter cover behind the engine compartment locking mechanism. The cover is fixed by two strips and can be opened by hand.

In fact, the air filter and air conditioner filter are replaced in the same way, but the position is different, the position of the screw is different, you can refer to the air conditioning filter removal method, you can also check the Internet, many users are replacing themselves, and Everyone is willing to explain to others.

 first step:

  Open the engine compartment cover and confirm the position of the air filter.

  The second step:

  The lid of the entire air filter can be picked up by gently prying the two snaps on the cover. Note: Some models will be fixed on the cover mounting screws. Use a screwdriver to unscrew the screws.

  third step:

  Open the air filter cover and remove the old air filter.

  the fourth step:

  Install a new air filter, cover the lid, buckle the buckle, and you’re done!


  Before installing a new air filter, make sure there is no moisture left in the air filter and the airbox.

Source From:Car Interior Maintenance

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