Why Most People Will Be Love At 2019 BMW X5?

The 2019 BMW X5 has been on the market for some time, but the discussion around it seems to remain in appearance.

Because the two “two bars” in the front grille have been treated differently. In fact, these two bars play a vital role in protecting the water tank and enhancing the torsional rigidity of the body.

Aside from these two bars, I believe that most men are not resistant to the appearance of the new X5. I have always preferred the car, but if you have to say anything about the SUV, it must be X5.

Unlike the “excessive” urbanization of BMW’s even-numbered system, it is not lost in fashion; unlike the Mercedes-Benz G, Wrangler and other models are too hard, but it is also angular.

The traditional open-eye design has been eliminated, but the new car has become more heavy. The standard laser headlights can be automatically turned on when the environment meets the requirements, which is very technical and futuristic.

In terms of body size, the new X5 has a 21mm increase in length and a 45mm increase in wheelbase. The 4 m 9-seat body, with a wheelbase of nearly 3 meters, makes the new car not only as big as it looks, but also the inner space is stretched to the maximum extent.

Although “opening a BMW, sitting Mercedes-Benz” has been deeply rooted in everyone’s hearts, but now the BMW is not only focused on handling, but also the comfort of the ride is constantly improving.

Open the door, knowing that the appearance is strong.

In everyone’s impression, BMW’s interior has always been relatively monotonous in the same level of BBA. Although in the X5 class, luxury configuration, NAPPA leather is essential, but the design style is biased towards a single, there has not been much change, perhaps this is BMW’s insistence on family design, but for consumers Become a slot.

But when I opened the door of the new X5, I found out that the interior of the new X5 is not so powerful.

It is true that when the competing products are replaced by double screens or even screens, BMW still reluctantly chooses the floating central control panel – but have to admit that when BMW first uses the floating screen, we will feel that the design is avant-garde. And now also have to admit that such a design is more practical and more convenient.

Although the overall layout of the new car in the interior still does not change much, I am pleasantly surprised to find that the new car has greatly improved the workmanship and materials used in the interior. Whether it is a larger area of ​​leather wrap or a better quality solid wood decoration, the luxury of the new car is created as much as any competing product. Many BMW Fans will purchase BMW X5 2019 Interior Accessories for their beloved car,they are explain what is enjoy the life.

The key is to use the crystal interior accessories for the first time in the new X5 car interior. Except for the one-button start button and the iDrive knob, the crystal is the best. The best texture and the best visual effect are the “chicken legs” with the largest crystal coverage. Blocking gear –

In the past, the “chicken leg” was the most representative configuration in the BMW car. Because of its excellent hand feeling, the “chicken leg” electronic block should be one of the highest word-of-mouth in the electronic block, but after the large-area crystal cover blessing, not only With enough tonality, after I measured it, the hand feeling is not affected or even better.

It is worth mentioning that the new X5 has joined BMW’s latest ID7 system. In addition to the more reasonable UI interface, this system has added two gestures. It is true that I have spit out this gesture operating system before, and it is of little use. Single function.

But now it can be found that BMW attaches great importance to gestures, plus two new gestures, a total of seven gesture operations, the future should be increased with the system upgrade, improve the gesture system.

Just like iphone is the first to launch a full-screen gesture operation, everyone’s gestures are complicated and difficult to use, but when you adapt, you will find such gestures more convenient.

Undoubtedly, it is more complicated to integrate gestures into the car system. No matter the capture of the action or the matching of the functions, the difficulty coefficient is higher. So after the new X5 is finished, I think we should give BMW. At a time, my personal experience of this system is still quite good, and there should be a higher level of experience in the future. As the BMW X5’s true love fans, we will first buy a 2019 BMW X5 Screen Protector for our car as a new gift, keeping the screen clean and fresh, reducing dust, no Scratching, and more secure.

Of course, in addition to the above configurations, the new car is also equipped with a wireless charging module and wireless CarPlay. The front cup holder adds cooling and heating control, and the seat back can also support segment adjustment… From these configurations, it is not difficult to see that BMW is coming. The more attention is paid to the driving experience of consumers.

Go back to the control, see the heart

The new X5 40i model of the test drive is equipped with an inline 6-cylinder engine, matched with the new 8-speed Steptronic manual transmission, with a maximum power of 250kW, a peak torque of 450N·m, and a speed of only 5.5 in 100 km. second.

In the actual test drive process, BMW has always attached importance to manipulation. This time, I made some more changes in the new X5. Although the new car speeds up to 5.6 seconds per 100 kilometers, I can feel the constant power coming from the deep throttle of my throttle, but in fact this generation of engines The peak torque speed was delayed by nearly 200 rpm, and the high-speed performance of the second half was more important.

This is also true. After switching SPORT PLUS, the air suspension is reduced to a minimum. As the throttle continues to deepen, it can be felt that the power of this new X5 seems to be inexhaustible. When the speed is over 150km/h, I can still I feel that there is still a lot of room for me to play, but considering the safety, I did not dare to continue to step on it.

However, it is worth mentioning that the matching 8 AT gearbox is impeccable in the ride and smoothness of the entire driving process. The acceleration process is linear but not out of the water, but it does not look awkward.

Overall, this new car gives me the feeling of being absolutely good on the road, and equipped with a new generation of BMW xDrive intelligent all-wheel drive system, rock, gravel, ice and sand – four multi-terrain driving Under the blessing of the model, I also had enough courage and reason to take the car to the mountain road to run.

The 2019 X5, as the fourth-generation model of the X5 family, has been greatly upgraded in terms of appearance and interior configuration, and the control aspect is not only as strong as ever, but also more comprehensive in cross-country and passability. Upgrade.

2019 is the “year of BMW X”. The new X5 is a heavy-duty model. It really makes everyone see the sincerity of BMW. This is undoubtedly paving the way for another explosion of BMW products this year. Wait and see.

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